Confident Kids!: Persevere

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Author: Honor Head

Category: Children's , Teenage & educational

Book Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Franklin Watts

ISBN: 9781445185842

RRP: $19.99


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Find out how to build resilience and persevere with this fun guide to becoming a more confident you!

Have you ever felt like giving up? Maybe that homework was too difficult, swimming training was too tiring, you just couldn’t get the hang of how to ride a bike, or you felt too scared to try the new club. Everyone feels like that sometimes. That’s when you need to be extra strong and persevere. Persevering is about not giving up and getting things done even when they are difficult or boring.

This book will give you lots of advice about how you can persevere when things get tough, from making a plan to believing in yourself. Sound non-fiction advice will help you to learn the best ways to cope with change, not compare yourself with others and overcome any fears of failure. Short comic-strip stories featuring a diverse range of characters show you how to deal with different situations.

The consultant, Sarah Davis, is qualified in child and Adolescent Psychotherapy and provides counselling support for children, young adults and parents.

The ‘Confident Kids’ series is perfect for children aged 7-11, teaching children important life skills to help them manage their social and emotional health now and in the future. The clear, bright design and light-hearted humorous artwork make these engaging guides to help children boost their self-esteem and grow up with confidence. Titles in the series include: Keep Safe; Persevere; Respect Others; Take Responsibility; Understand Emotions; Understand Money

Honor Head (Author)

After a few false starts with a model agency and an accountant’s, Honor Head’s career as a children’s writer and editor began when she joined a small publisher producing comics featuring children’s television characters. The light bulb clicked on – Honor discovered she loved editing and writing for children – and has been burning brightly ever since. She has now published over 100 books for children on subjects as diverse as kitten care, famous outlaws, ghastly ghosts and totally awesome trucks as well as creating pop-ups, pull-outs and sticker books, and has edited many, many more. Honor now lives beside the seaside in Devon where she has fun helping out at the local museums organising family and school activities – a great way to meet her readers! On sunny days she heads for her favourite seaside cafe to eat cheese toasties and watch the dogs playing on the beach.

Jennifer Jamieson (Illustrator)

Jen Jamieson loves creating quirky, feisty and friendly characters and bringing their wonderful personalities to life. She has a passion for inclusiveness and is a strong advocate for representation in children’s books. She loves the idea that we can change the world with the books we create. Jennifer’s work is instantly recognisable due to her rich, bright colour palette, quirky patterns and detailed textures. Her two young children provide her with endless inspiration for her work.

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