Come My Fanatics

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Author: Dan Franklin

Category: Society & social sciences

Book Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: White Rabbit

ISBN: 9781474625418

RRP: $26.99


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In 1993, in the market town of Wimborne Minster in Dorset, England, the heaviest band in the world was born: Electric Wizard. Led by guitarist and singer Jus Oborn, the band inhaled the iniquity of their lives and vomited it out in colossal waves of doom metal, synthesising the forbidding local landscape, biker culture, video-nasties, black magic rituals and titanic doses of psychedelics.

Come My Fanatics is the story of the rise and fall and triumphant return of the band, of their revolutionary and

mind-expanding output, their legendary and calamitous tours, and of their legacy. It is a kaleidoscopic exploration of the subculture the band has absorbed and, in turn, created. From seventies exploitation cinema, through the writers of Weird Tales magazine and a panoply of the marginal and downright sinister, to the band’s own live ceremonial happenings – this is Electric Wizard’s world. We’re just dying in it.

The mythos, the madness, the mastery: a journey to the blackened vortex of the most enigmatic band in the cosmos. Franklin ventures further into the Wizard’s subcultural maelstrom than anyone has ever dared. Absolutely essential – Harry Sword, author of Monolithic Undertow

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