Classics in Graphics: Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night

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Author: Steve Skidmore Steve Barlow

Category: Children's , Teenage & educational

Book Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Franklin Watts

ISBN: 9781445190228

RRP: $26.99


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Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night like you’ve never seen it – or read it – before!

Classics in Graphics: Twelfth Night has been adapted into a graphic novel by expert authors, Steve Skidmore and Steve Barlow, with illustrations by Wendy Tan Shiau Wei. Experience the famous and famously confusing love triangle, with all its gender-swapping and unrequited love, presented like your favourite rom-com.

Classics in Graphics is a series of graphic novels for children aged 10 plus that has inclusion at its heart, flinging wide the doors of literature for everyone to enter and understand. Including dyslexia-friendly design on every page, and encouraging readers to relate to these iconic roles – casting spells, falling in love and winning duels. Each graphic novel includes pitch-perfect illustrations for presenting the tragic, the romantic, the comedic, the magical, as well as:

– snappy simplified text presenting Shakespeare’s themes clearly

– introductory materials to help set the scene and context of each story

– heaps of extra material at the back to keep the learning and fun going, including an exploration of themes in the play, the language, Shakespeare’s inspirations, the publication and performance of the play in history, a timeline of Shakespeare’s life and works, and much more!

Plays available in the series include: Macbeth, The Tempest, Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Much Ado About Nothing, Othello, Twelfth Night

Praise for the Classics in Graphics series: “[…] an encouraging entry point to Shakespeare for my kids, and […] an excellent job converting challenging language and literary themes to make it very inclusive, smoothing ease of understanding dialogue, plot, and narration without dumbing it down.” – EricWilliamson,

Steve Barlow (Author)

As 50% of the Two Steves, Steve Barlow has written over 160 books with Steve Skidmore since their first published work appeared in 1988. Born in Crewe, he was educated at Crewe Grammar School, Warwick University and Nottingham University before a varied career in teaching, acting, stage management and puppetry. He worked in a village school in Botswana for four years before returning to the UK and working with Steve Skidmore. The Two Steves tour extensively in the UK and overseas, and are frequent visitors to book festivals including Edinburgh and Hay. Their work for Hachette includes the highly popular I Hero and Crime Team choose-your-adventure books, and their I Horror series is raising the short hairs at the back of readers’ necks with Orchard Books.

Steve Skidmore (Author)

Steve Skidmore writes with Steve Barlow. Together they are Britain’s most popular comedy writing and performing double act for young people. Not surprisingly, they are known as The 2 Steves! They met over twenty years ago when they were both teaching in Nottingham. Steve Skidmore is shorter than Steve Barlow and less hairy. He was born in Birstall near Leicester in England. After managing to pass some exams at school, he went on to Nottingham University to supposedly read English, but spent most of his time playing sport and doing a variety of summer jobs including counting pastry pie lids (yes, really). He trained as a teacher of Drama, English and Film studies, before teaming up with Steve Barlow to become a full time author. He lives in Leicester and is a great rugby fan (he supports Leicester Tigers – “Come on you Tiiiiigeeeers!”).

Wendy Tan (Illustrator)

Wendy Tan is a Chinese-Malaysian artist, born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Drawing has always been her interest, but she only started to draw passionately during high school. After this, Wendy took a design course and graduated from Saito College with a Diploma in Multimedia Design. Wendy’s keen interest for storytelling began with film and animation during her time working as storyboard artist and visual development artist in the Malaysian animation industry. Today Wendy loves using illustration to tell stories through her work, often implementing dramatic colour and light.

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