Captives: Prisoners of War and Internees 1939-1945

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Category: Society & social sciences

Book Format: Hardback

Publisher: The History Press

ISBN: 9781803995953

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Exploring the experiences of Second World War captives all around the world, through the records of The National Archives. Millions of people were held captive all over the world during the Second World War, including those in the armed services who became prisoners of war, as well as many ordinary citizens, who were classified as enemy aliens, potentially dangerous foreigners, and found themselves interned or deported overseas. The prisoners had hugely varied experiences based on their nationality, race, where they were captured and whether they were in the services or a civilian internee. For almost all, physical escape was impossible. But for many, plotting to break out of their camp or finding a form of escapism through other means music, art, writing or falling in love were sources of solace, hope and sometimes resistance. This book, collated by experts from The National Archives, presents a variety of visual materials such as maps, photographs and drawings, alongside eye-witness accounts of capture and attempted escapes, to give a true picture of how it was possible to survive mentally and physically in captivity. AUTHOR: The National Archives Written and compiled by Will Butler, Ela Kaczmarska and Roger Kershaw. William Butler is Head of Military Records at The National Archives. His research is focused on the British Army in the 19th and 20th centuries. Ela Kaczmarska is a Modern Eastern European historian and Publishing Executive at The National Archives. Roger Kershaw is Head of Strategic Operations and Volunteers at the National Archives specialising in migration records. 136 illustrations

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