British Military Biplanes: 1920-40

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Book Format: Hardback

Publisher: Key Publishing

ISBN: 9781802827170

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Covering the period from the end of World War One to the end of World War Two, this book explores the development of the major stalwart of military aviation: biplanes. Post-World War One, the demand for military aircraft diminished. Even so, new designs emerged, and innovation took place aided by engine and materials research and development. Again, not all aircraft were successfully entered into service. Following on from British Military Biplanes: 1912 19, this book is a unique reference source for aviation historians and enthusiasts. AUTHOR: Roger Staker qualified as a professional accountant (Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy) in 1968. His public sector career highlights included Assistant County Treasurer of North Yorkshire and Assistant Director of South West Water Authority. In 1984, he joined International Computers Ltd (now part of Fujitsu) as a business consultant and delivered consultancy and trouble-shooting services in Iraq, Australia, Malaysia and Spain. From 1991, he established himself as an independent management consultant. He wrote Marketing for Schools and numerous articles for professional financial and IT magazines, both national and international. He is a keen photographer and has a life-long interest in aviation. 120 illustrations

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