Blue Bowl

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Category: Children's , Teenage & educational

Book Format: Hardback

Publisher: Owlkids Books

ISBN: 9781771474634

RRP: $34.99


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A young boy realizes, thanks to his family, that he can enjoy both his Chinese and North American cultures through his favourite dishes. Max loves his family’s Cantonese meals, like steamed rice and gai lan greens with oyster sauce, homemade dumplings, and scallion bread. But sometimes he can’t help thinking about French fries, tacos, and ice cream with rainbow sprinkles. For his birthday dinner, Max is really hoping for spaghetti and meatballs, but instead he and his family are headed to Maa Maa and Ye Ye’s house for a celebration dinner-and Max is pretty sure that spaghetti won’t be served in the familiar blue bowls that came all the way from Hong Kong with his grandparents. But Max is delighted to discover that his understanding family has discovered a way to bring two cultures together with delicious dishes that are a combination of all the foods he loves. Based on the author’s own experiences growing up, The Blue Bowl will speak to many children and adults alike with similar experiences and bring a new perspective to those who do not share in this experience. With deliciously eye-catching illustrations and descriptive, inviting text, readers will be reminded of all their favourite foods as they follow along with Max’s story. AGES: 4 to 7 AUTHOR: Flo Leung is a food-loving illustrator and author of The Trayof Togetherness. She has also beena pastry cook, a food stylist, a TV producer-and really wishes she had a green thumb. Flo believes that food has the power to tell us stories about who we are and hope to be. When she isn’t reading old cookbooks and listening to glam rock, Flo can probably be found enjoying mango cakes (with rainbow sprinkles) with her daughter and husband in their cozy home in Toronto, Ontario. SELLING POINTS: . New from Flo Leung, author/illustrator of the bestselling The Tray of Togetherness . Based on the author’s own experience as a second-generation Chinese Canadian living in between two cultures . Offers a universal message of family, carrying on traditions, and togetherness through a culturally specific lens

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