Adventures in Makerspace: A Building Mission

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Author: Shannon Mcclintock Miller

Category: Children's , Teenage & educational

Book Format: Hardback

Publisher: Capstone

ISBN: 9781496579485

RRP: $33.99


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When you have a problem where can you go for answers The library When Eliza and her friends join Ms. Gillian the Specialist on another Adventure in Makerspace they watch the Space Needle go from idea to icon. Can they build a tower of their own Join them to complete A Building Mission

About The Series
At Emerson Elementary students Matt Codie Eliza and Cyrus love hanging out in their library’s makerspace. There an adventure is always about to begin When Ms. Gillian presents the friends with STEM challenges they must use their imaginations and creative thinking as they explore past creations from movie sets to the Space Needle Complete with a glossary and further reading list as well as imaginative makerspace ideas and a related activity each book in this series is bursting with resources to spark students’ creativity.

Created by Shannon McClintock MillerFuture Ready Libraries spokesperson makerspace enthusiast and former teacher librarian An immersive reading experiencefavorite format engaging characters and bonus features such as an activity and theme songensure this is a series that will have kids with a variety of interests clamoring for more

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