A Dinosaur Story: Valley Adventure

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Author: Damian Harvey

Category: Children's , Teenage & educational

Book Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Franklin Watts

ISBN: 9781445189734

RRP: $14.99


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Each book in the A Dinosaur Story series follows a group of dinosaur friends who get into some sticky situations but in doing so, helps them to learn about good manners and behaviour.

In Valley Adventure, Seren finds it hard to be patient. Mum’s eggs will hatch very soon and she can’t wait to find out if she will have a new brother or sister. Mum tells her to go out and play. Her friends tell her there are some new dinosaurs to meet in the valley so rushes on ahead of them to go and find them. On the way, she meets some scary velociraptors, falls off a tree branch into a river and scares away the fish her new friends were patiently trying to catch. Eventually, she learns the rewards of being patient.

The A Dinosaur Story series is great to read aloud or to share with friends and family. Each book includes notes for parents, teachers and care-givers which give suggestions for how to reinforce and extend understanding of the message of each book.

The series also supports the Personal, Social and Emotional Development Area of Learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage, and is suitable for use with children in KS1. Suitable for children aged 3+.

Damian Harvey lives in North Wales with his lovely wife, Vicky. He has three wonderful daughters, one brilliant boy and a cat called Polly. He has written more than 130 books for primary school aged children and is busy writing more. When he isn’t writing, Damian loves visiting schools, libraries, bookshops, festivals and anywhere that will have him, where he shares stories, talks about writing and gets people excited about books and reading. You can find out more about Damian by visiting http://www.damianharvey.co.uk and follow him on Twitter @damianjharvey

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