99 Questions About: The Maya

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Author: Annabel Stones

Category: Children's , Teenage & educational

Book Format: Hardback

Publisher: Franklin Watts

ISBN: 9781445186979

RRP: $29.99


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Discover the fascinating world of the Maya through 99 questions and answers

Where did the Maya live? Who was Pakal the Great? And just why were the Maya so crazy for corn? Find out the answers to all these questions and many, many more in this high-interest romp through the world of the Maya.

99 Questions About… makes historical civilisations come alive with interest, humour and occasional weirdness. The core information is excellent support for curriculum topics, while the dip-in structure and light amounts of text will entice even reluctant readers who enjoy the light-hearted Horrible Histories approach to learning. The high-interest approach is complimented by a striking, two-colour design, featuring simple but eye-catching graphics.

Fun reading for children aged 8 and up.

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Annabel Stones is an experienced writer and editor of children’s books. She enjoys researching new topic areas and finding out fascinating facts. In her spare time, she loves to bake and walk along the river.

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