Do Penguins’ Feet Freeze? by Natural History Museum, London

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Author: England Natural History Museum London

Category: Children's, Earth sciences, geography, environment, planning, Non-Fiction

Book Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: CSIRO Publishing

ISBN: 9781486317820

RRP: $27.99

Have you ever wondered how polar bears stay warm? What about why there are dark spots on the moon? How about if dolphins talk to each other? What about if something lives at the bottom of the ocean? Well now there is a book which can answer these questions and so many more for you! Hailing from the team at the Natural History Museum of London, Do Penguins’ Feet Freeze? is a quirky collection of questions and answers focussing on the natural world.

I’ve always wondered why rain has a distinct smell, thanks to this book I have learnt that the scent is known as petrichor, and it is made when oils from plants combine with a special molecule called geosmin. Geosmin is made by special algae and bacteria. As it turns out our noses are especially sensitive to it when it combines with the plant’s oils, and that is why we can smell petrichor every time it rains.

Each page in this book poses a new question about the natural world and then answers it with fun images and informative text.

It is fun, real and perfect for curious young minds who have lots of questions about the natural world which surrounds us. They will be excited to share the new things they learn with everyone around them which to me is a win-win for any adult out there looking for a new read for their bedtime repertoire!

Reviewed by Sophie Bowe
Age Guide 6+



Wild and weird Q&As about the natural world that show that facts can be stranger than fiction!
Do Penguins’ Feet Freeze? is a wonderfully weird collection of questions and answers about our natural world, written by the expert team at the Natural History Museum, London.

Packed with colourful images throughout, this book reveals:

  • Why do rabbits eat their own poo?
  • How do polar bears stay warm?
  • Can dolphins talk to each other?
  • Why does rain smell?
  • How clever is an octopus?
  • Which animal has spines in its throat?
  • Why do goats scream and faint?
  • Will an asteroid hit Earth?
  • Why are flamingos pink?
  • Do birds sneeze?
  • Why do honeybees dance?

… and many more cool and quirky facts that prove nature is often stranger than fiction!

Recommended for families and readers ages 9+.

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