The Beehive by Megan Daley

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Author: Megan Daley

Category: Children's, Teenage & educational

Book Format: Hardback

Publisher: Walker Books Australia

ISBN: 9781760655228

RRP: $26.99

Willow loves to go to school. She likes to get there early to check on the native stingless bees. They are her most favourite thing.

Tom is the groundskeeper who looks after the bees and the school hive. Willow loves to sit with him and watch the bees. Tom had originally shown the children the hollow in a tree that had resin around it, meaning the bees had moved in to make a home. Now they had their own hive at school and since then, she sees native bees everywhere. 

There is so much to learn in this book about these wonderful little creatures. In-between Willow’s story of caring for them are fascinating facts about native stingless bees. 

‘Like the European honey bee, some Australian native stingless bees are highly social and live in a hive with one queen and thousands of workers.’ We learn about what these little bees use to make their nests, how they are such important pollinators, and how worker bees ventilate their hive by fanning their wings. It’s also important to plant bee friendly trees and not spray insecticides. We also discover information about keeping a hive – what to make it from and how to keep it healthy. The hive at the school has grown and can now be split into separate hives. 

Willow had put their name down to have their own hive, and now, as the school hive was big enough, it could be split. It was now time for Willow to take home her own hive.

The Beehive is a gentle story that is a pleasure to read and combines seamlessly as a great learning tool to understanding native bees. The soft illustrations give the book a friendly warm feel, enticing us to keep a watch out for these creatures, as they are often mistaken for flies. Just lovely.

Reviewed by Emily Ross 

Age Guide 5+



Megan Daley is passionate about children’s literature and is the author of ‘Raising Readers’ and ‘the Beehive’ and editor of ‘Teacher, Teacher’.

She is also a multiple award-winning teacher librarian, speaker, podcaster, widow, beekeeper, literary judge and collector of indoor plants.

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