Lost: Uncover Vanishing Wonders by Jess McGeachin

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Author: Jess McGeachin

Category: Children's, Sneak Peek, Sneak Peek (Kids)

Book Format: Hardback

Publisher: Welbeck Editions

ISBN: 9781803380544

RRP: $24.99

I have to wonder where Jess McGeachin gets the time to produce so many great books. Among his many books are some that have taken us down into the deep and then soaring up high. His book Kind was another celebration of the creatures that call Earth home.

Lost introduces us to people, creatures and places from long ago. From the giant and wonderous megafauna that roamed the land to ancient cities like Petra and Pompeii or even the cities long sunken in the Mediterranean Sea. We learn about the story of the ship Endurance and treasures of shipwrecks from long ago.

We also read of animals who cleverly hide from us and their predators, like the Artic fox who makes their home on the harsh frozen tundras, or the decorator crab who dresses up in a disguise using objects they find.

We meet many animals that have been lost to us through the effects of time or by how humans have changed their home or their environment. We meet those that are now under threat of extinction and those who have been brought back from the brink.

This is a book straight from McGeachin’s heart. His illustrations, as always, draw us in and beautifully teaches us about the world that was, and calls us to action to make a change to save what we have. As he says at the beginning, ‘This book is dedicated to you, young reader. With sadness for what should not have been lost and hope for what can still be protected.’

Well done Jess McGeachin. I hope every child reads your book.

Reviewed by Emily Ross
Age Guide 7+

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Jess McGeachin author and illustratorJess McGeachin grew up in regional Victoria where he spent lots of time in the local library pouring over well-loved DK eyewitness books.

He has fond memories of visiting the old Melbourne Museum where his mum worked as a scientific illustrator, meticulously drawing strange sea-creatures in glass jars.

Jess studied Communication Design at RMIT and worked as a graphic designer before turning his hand to writing and illustrating picture books.

He loves telling stories about hidden places, like the underground world beneath your feet or a secret library waiting to be found. His books include Frankie and Fossil, The Lost Library, Deep and Fly.

Visit Jess McGeachin’s website


2022 World Illustration Awards for The Tree at Number 43 (Longlisted)
2022 CBCA Awards for Frankie and the Fossil (Notable)
2020 World Illustration awards for Colin Collects Colors (Longlisted)
2020 Children’s Book Council of Australia awards for Fly (Shortlisted)
2020 Queensland Literary Awards for Fly (Shortlisted)
2019 World Illustration awards for Fly (Shortlisted)

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