Australian Backyard Birds by Myke Mollard 

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Author: Myke Mollard


Book Format: Hardback

Publisher: Woodslane Press

ISBN: 9781922800237

RRP: $24.99

If you have a young twitcher in your home then Australian Backyard Birds will be right up their alley.

Myke Mollard is passionate about teaching young people the importance of nature. Whether that be creatures who live under the sea or in the bush, the extinct dinosaurs of our lands, or, with his latest book, our native bird life.

The endpapers of this book feature a map of Australia highlighting the regions and migratory routes birds take to come to, and leave, Australia. We even learn about beak design as well. This is just the beginning of 64 pages absolutely packed full of information.

Myke takes us on a tour through Australian States and Territories, showing us what birds live where in our urban backyards, from noisy miners to the red wattlebird and rufous whistler. Throughout the book he highlights specific birds, like the elusive and endangered cassowary, so we can learn more. My favourites are the owls, with their fascinating names such as Rufous Boobook and Barking Owl. Myke draws them all congregated together on a branch.

There are pages on the art of birdwatching and how to attract birds to our gardens. He shows us the different types of bird’s feet and how they help the bird to catch prey or dig. He briefly looks at tail structures and bird silhouettes so you can identify a bird in flight. There is so much to learn about Australia’s backyard birds in this book and Myke’s writing style and gorgeous illustrations make it easy and absorbing reading.

Reviewed by Jane Stephens
Age Guide 6+ 



Myke Mollard is a children’s educator, illustrator, author and designer. He began his career in graphic design, branding management and producing commercials for TV. He later found outlets for his passion for educating kids about the world around them, both in person in classroom and online settings, and via his books which he fully writes and illustrates himself.

One of his first books, in 2008, was the bestselling A-Z of Australian Bush Creatures.

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