A Giant’s Trek by Nick Stella

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Author: Nick Stella

Category: Teachers Resources

Book Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Text Publishing

ISBN: 9781922330703

RRP: $16.99

Three young giants in Haven-Home have turned 12. The first snow of the season has fallen. It’s time for them to prove they’re ready to become adults. Ash, his twin brother, Oak, and their female friend, Mithra, will choose an adult giant’s name from a bag and go on the Trek into the wilderness and bring back something to protect their village from attack by marauding wolves. 

Oak is strong, while Ash is not. Oak boasts that he will bring back a shield, while Mithra wants to bring back arrows. Ash isn’t a warrior. He wants to learn incantations and use magic to protect Haven-Home. He wants to learn the secrets of the elements: stone, fire, water, and air. Oak thinks his brother is just a weakling. Their father, Rolward Tollfarn, the village chieftain, is dubious, but allows Ash to pursue his idea.

Oak draws a warrior, as does Mithra. Ash draws Thorsten, better known as Avalanche (not an encouraging sign), as his adult guide, but Avalanche has been a hermit ever since his last Trek, when his young charge, Bando, came back ‘broken’. Ash is clumsy at the beginning of the Trek, but proves his intelligence when talking to Lord Stone and gaining a piece of flint – his first element. 

They pick up another guide, Syp. Ash, Avalanche and Syp face many challenges while trying to gather the other elements. When the giants return to Haven-Home, Ash’s new skills are needed: a fiery wolf and his pack are attacking the village. A Giant’s Trek is a wonderful story of fighting against great odds while remaining true to yourself and your gifts.

Reviewed by Bob Moore

Age Guide 10+



Nick Stella lives in Sydney, where he works as a public servant. A Giant’s Trek, which started out as a bedtime story for his children, is his first novel.

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