Computer Technology for Curious Kids by CSIRO

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Author: Chris Oxlade

Category: Children's, Teenage & educational

Book Format: Hardback

Publisher: CSIRO Publishing

ISBN: 9781486318360

RRP: $32.99

Put together by the CSIRO, Computer Technology for Curious Kids is divided into chapters, each covering a different aspect of computer technology. From the history of computing, to hardware and software, data and apps to, programming and computer communications like networks and the internet.

The chapter featuring old technology like tape reels and punch cards doesn’t seem that long ago and shows the speed at which this field has advanced in the last 20-30 years. We learn that the computers in the 1980s stored just a few kilobytes of memory. Now one can store many gigabytes.

How data is stored using the binary system is clearly explained. We see how data and apps work together with video and sound, from recording to viewing and even how apps are used for editing and organising words and pictures, and spreadsheets for numbers.

Chapter four focuses on programming which helps us understand how problems are broken down into simple steps before we start coding. We learn to think like a programmer! There is a terrific example of making a flow chart to help us understand the steps, and then things get a little bit more complex.

As usual, with the CSIRO, this book is well illustrated, which helps us to grasp more challenging concepts.

The last section of the book showcases computers that we might not think of immediately. From smart speakers, barcode scanners, automatic railroad crossing barriers to computers squirrelled away in our washing machines.

Great for kids, even though they will likely already be a little tech savvy. It offers much to learn and will open their minds to all the processing power around them.

Reviewed by Jane Stephens

Age Guide 8+



Chris Oxlade, author

Chris Oxlade is a prolific author of information books for children. He has written more than two hundred titles on science, technology, sports, and hobbies. He studied engineering at university before becoming an author. He lives in Ilkley, West Yorkshire with his wife, children, and dogs. Most of his spare hours are spent hill running and sailing.



Nik Neves is a Brazilian graphic artist, illustrator, and comic author specialising in illustrated maps, sketchbooks, visual diaries, and music. Nik works with clients across the globe and regularly contributes to international publications including Lonely Planet, National Geographic, and Arte Magazine. He lives and works in Berlin.

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