The Queen’s Gambit stage adaptation

Book Brief | Nov 2023

A musical adaptation of Walter Tevis’ bestselling novel, The Queen’s Gambit, is currently in the works.

A musical stage adaptation of Walter Tevis’ The Queen’s Gambit is currently in the works. The adaptation is set to involve singer-songwriter Mitski, who will write the music and lyrics for the production. Whitney White (Jaja’s African Hair Braiding) will direct the adaptation, and playwright Eboni Booth (Primary Trust, Paris) will write the play.


The production team, Level Forward announced the project on the 15th of November.


The Queen’s Gambit by Walter Tevis was first published in 1983. The book follows the life of Beth Harmon, who is a troubled young chess genius. The novel became a bestseller and was adapted into an Emmy-winning miniseries on Netflix in 2020. The TV adaptation involved director, Scott Frank and Anya Taylor-Joy as Beth.


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Watch the trailer for Netflix’s The Queen’s Gambit:


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