Sally Rippin is the 8th Australian Children’s Laureate

Book Brief | Feb 2024

The Australian Children’s Laureate Foundation has announced that Sally Rippin is the 8th Australian Children’s Laureate.


Sally Rippin is Australia’s highest-selling female author and has written more than 100 books for children and young adults, including the wildly popular ‘Billie B Brown‘ series. Sally’s books are beloved across the globe with an extraordinary 10 million books in print. She writes stories with heart, and characters that resonate with children, parents and teachers alike. In the crucial role of Children’s Laureate, Sally will champion reading, writing and creativity for all Australian children. She will engage with the educational community; members of local, state and federal governments; librarians; parents; and of course, children. The Laureate tenure lasts for a two-year period, throughout 2024-25.

Speaking of her appointment, Sally said, “I am so thrilled to be able to meet with people all across the country during my Laureateship to talk about how best to engage kids with reading. I am also excited to chat with children about my books and encourage them to share their own stories.”




The Children’s Laureate is the national ambassador for reading and Australian children’s literature. They speak on behalf of Australian children’s writers and illustrators as well as reflecting the views of reading advocates, educators, librarians, booksellers and publishers. Appointed every two years to promote the importance and transformational power of reading, imagination and story in the lives of young Australians, the Children’s Laureate spends extensive time speaking directly with children, education specialists, government ministers and librarians, in both metropolitan and regional communities across the country.

Australian Children's Laureate Foundation colour logoEvery Laureate has a mission for their two-year term: for Sally’s it is All kids can be readers. Through this she will work towards creating public awareness around learning difficulties as well as the most effective practice in teaching children to read. Ideally, by the time children have finished primary school, they should all have the literacy skills they need for life. Where this isn’t possible, or where children have fallen through the gaps, we need to look at how to continue to support young people to reach their potential by advocating for them and providing appropriate intervention and assistance.

Sally will put a spotlight on the reading challenges faced by millions of Australian children – including but not limited to neurodiversity, disability, mental health, access to books and language barriers. ‘All adults need to take responsibility for young people to ensure no child is left behind when it comes to reading – and explore other ways for children to learn if traditional methods aren’t working.’

Visit Sally Rippin’s website

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