‘Yolk’ is set for a TV adaptation

Article | May 2023

Mary H K Choi’s moving novel, Yolk, is set for a television adaptation, Variety reports.


yolkFirst published in 2021, Yolk, tells the story  of two estranged Korean American sisters who are brought together again, after one of them receives a cancer diagnosis. The novel is set in New York and captures the complexities and nuances of sibling relationships with and intensity that matches the city.

The production company Picturestart has acquired the rights and Choi will serve as a screenwriter for the tv dapatation alongside Jessica O’Toole who has previously written for series such as Jane the Virgin and Charmed.

Picturestart CEO Erik Feig shared that, ‘Mary is quickly proving herself to be the voice of a generation, applying her keen observational eye to the universal themes of family, identity, and belonging in this peerless coming-of-age story.’

In an Instagram post, Choi announced the news of the adaptation, posting ‘SO. PUMPED. Also exquisitely in love with this entire team so hard already. I can’t wait to make this so good and so squish and so sob. Your Korean moms are gonna be heated at the wrinkles from the fuggo scrunch weeps and the deeeeeeep laugh lines. I can’t wait to bring this story to you with sound and movement and so much more magic.’

A release date has yet to be announced but stay tuned, and in the meantime visit Choi’s Instagram page here.


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Author: Mary H. K. Choi

Category: Children's, teenage & educational

Book Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Atom

ISBN: 9780349003696

RRP: $19.99

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