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Article | Issue: Jul 2023

GABI BURTON works as a paralegal and author on the East Coast. Her debut novel, Sing Me to Sleep is a darkly seductive YA fantasy duology in which a siren must choose between protecting her family and following her heart. Read on for an extract.



Gabi Burton

Saoirse Sorkova survives on secrets. As the last siren in her kingdom, she can sing any man to an early grave – but her very existence is illegal, and if her true identity were ever discovered, it would be her life on the line.

By day, Saoirse disguises herself as a fae, pretending to be the perfect soldier-in-training. By night, she satisfies her darker urges working as an assassin for dangerous mercenaries. And all the while, she keeps the biggest secret of all: that she is not always in control of her Siren powers, or her desire to kill.

Then a blackmailer threatens her sister, and Saoirse’s investigation takes her to the royal palace, and her most dangerous job yet: personal bodyguard to the Crown Prince.

Saoirse expects to despise Prince Hayes. But he is kind, thoughtful, and charming, and she finds herself increasingly drawn to him . . . until he tasks her with investigating a killer plaguing the kingdom. The problem: the killer is Saoirse.


Poisoned Lullaby

My mark has a death wish. Which, I suppose, is convenient for me.

It’s two ticks since I stepped into the pub, I’ve yet to give any indication of my intent to seduce him, and he’s already palming my ass like it’s a tankard of cheap ale.

He hasn’t even offered me a sodding drink.

My first instinct: snatch his wrist and twist until I feel the satisfying snap of cracking bone.

I know better than to trust my first instinct.

Instead, I turn swiftly, smile sweetly, and gaze into his eyes like they’re a map to someplace less seedy with someone less slimy.

At the sight of my face, his jaw – scratch that, his entire face – goes slack, and his hand slides off my ass like it’s slicked with oil.

It’s typical.

I’m beautiful. Not arrogant, just honest. My birthright is coiling men so tightly around my finger, they’ll willingly follow me to an early, watery grave – beauty is a given.

The eyes of the entire pub trail my every move, drinking me in, savouring me like a glass of the disgustingly sweet wine the fae like to drink. They watch my mark, too, with dark scowls instead of salacious leers. Not because of what he is but because he’s drawn my attention in a room full of men who’d welcome me with open arms and silk sheets.

I drown out the feel of their eyes and focus on my mark.

He was brazen enough to touch me on sight, but now he can’t work up the nerve to speak.

Some marks require more effort. A few drinks to loosen up or a few minutes of idle conversation. This one won’t need it.

The cinnamon spice of his lust sits on my tongue and burns my throat, giving him away. I might not even have to sing to convince him to drink the poison stashed in my dress.

As a siren, I’ve always been able to feel emotions. Some are basic: sadness feels heavy and cold; happiness is light and warm.

Some are more complex: bitterness is sharp like a sting, hot like a flame, and persistent like a bad cold. I can block out the way emotions feel against my skin, but when they’re strong, I can’t turn off the way they taste.

Without a word, I sink into a wooden chair at a pub table and cross one leg over the other. The hem of my inky-black dress lithers up my thighs.

I flash my mark an inviting smile and pat the empty chair next to me. He tumbles into it, eyes wide. The flavour of his lust mixes with something stale and bitter like rank alcohol – nerves.

Learn more about Gabi Burton HERE.

Author: Gabi Burton

Category: Children's, Teenage & educational

Book Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton

ISBN: 9781399718424

RRP: $24.99

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