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Article | Issue: May 2022

CANDICE FOX burst onto the Australian book scene several years ago by winning back-to-back Ned Kelly Awards with her first two novels, Hades and Eden.

CRAIG SISTERSON chatted with her about her books being turned into a TV series.


What was it like seeing two terrifically interesting, conflicted heroes you’ve created move from page to screen during the pandemic?

I was lucky because they were able to complete filming, but unlucky that I was unable to visit the set due to the restrictions in Queensland. Oh man, my heart was broken, because I was at home in Sydney and just kept getting all these photos and videos come through, and I was like ‘looks like you’re all having a great time there, I would love to be part of it!’. It’s eight episodes, and broadcast first in Australia on ABC, but then will come out around the world, like on IMBDtv in the USA.

Is the first season of ‘Troppo’ based solely on Crimson Lake, or have they blended some of your trilogy a little?

No, it’s Crimson Lake. The crime is different though. So, in Crimson Lake you’re trying to figure out what’s happened to this missing author, and they said that’s enough to sustain a novel but not really enough of a mystery to sustain, you know, eight episodes. So the stories of Ted and Amanda are the same, but that central crime, that thread that runs through it, is different.

What was your role with the television adaptation?

Consulting is the right word for it. We just had conversations. I didn’t do any of the writing but people would say, ‘Candice, can I just sit down for a couple of hours over Zoom and you tell me about him and what is he like, what would he do in this?’ Then there were just texts like ‘what kind of car would Ted drive?’ or ‘what brand of whisky would he drink?’ or ‘what do I put on her gravestone?’

The cast and crew were obviously thinking about what you’d created in a degree of detail and wanting to immerse themselves in that world.

The early footage I saw was so amazing. And I’ve been told that the goose, Lucy, was an absolute delight to work with the whole time, she didn’t bite too many people at all and there actually were a series of goslings because they grew up so fast so they had to get a bunch of babies in, then another bunch of babies, then another bunch. Which I think is hilarious! They purpose-built a bar, because Amanda’s office is in a bar in this one, and they constructed this whole set, this whole building, and so everything is all in storage up there now until they figure out if they’re going to get a season two and have to erect it all again.



Candice Fox authorCandice Fox is the author of nine solo novels, three of which have one Australia’s prestigious Ned Kelly Award. All of her novels have been shortlisted for the award. She has multiple tv and film adaptations currently in production, with the adaptation of her bestselling Crimson Lake hitting screens as Troppo starring Thomas Jane and Nicole Chamoun in 2022.

In 2015, Candice began collaborating with James Patterson. Every one of their seven novels together have been New York Times best sellers. 

Candice lives in Sydney with her family and is a volunteer rescuer of injured wildlife.

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Author: Candice Fox

Category: Crime & mystery

Book Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: BANTAM

ISBN: 9780143787518

RRP: $22.99

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