Meet Monty the Dog Detective!

The Nosy Detectives is the third book in the ‘Monty Detective’ series by author LOUISA BENNET.

Good Reading caught up with the star of the series, the loveable dog detective Monty!



A barking mad mystery.

The Nosy Detectives agency is like no other. For a start, one of the detectives is a dog called Monty, a rescued Golden Retriever with a heart of gold and a super-smart nose. Rose Sidebottom, an ex-cop, has an uncanny ability to know when a suspect is lying. They make a great team. There is just one problem – no clients.

Then one day, Phyllis O’Neal, a grumpy grandmother from the village of Nether Wallop, offers them a cold case they can’t refuse – who really lit the fire that killed Tony and Marie Toyne? The surviving son, Finn, hasn’t spoken since that terrible night. Phyllis wants them to prove Finn innocent, when all the evidence points to his guilt.

Monty sets out to locate a forgotten witness, a dog called Panda, who might recognise the arsonist if she had a good sniff. The tricky case gets trickier when Rose is distracted by a handsome fire scene investigator. Can Monty get Rose back on track? And why is the whole village lying about the night of the fire?



My name is Monty and I’m a dog detective. Yes, really! I solve crimes that hoomans can’t. With the help of my owner, Louisa Bennet,

I’ve written my latest dog detective mystery book called The Nosy Detectives.

In the book, Rose Sidebottom and I have set up our own private detective agency and our very first case is going to be a tricky one. I’ll have to use my super-sniffer nose to track down the scent of the killer who lit a terrible fire. And Rose has a special gift too. She knows when people are lying. How wooftastic is that!

I wanted to share with you my day and, wow, does it get busy!

Every morning I put on my deerstalker hat so I’m ready to solve any crime that happens to need solving. I also test that my nose is ready for the job.

I work on my next book, although I find the keyboard difficult to use because I have big paws. Luckily, the author, Louisa Bennet, doesn’t have that problem and can type very fast.

I paw sign copies of The Nosy Detectives with my very own paw print.

Watch a video of Monty paw signing books instore!

Then I’m off with Louisa to meet fans at bookshops. I get lots of pats and, sometimes, dog treats too. How could life be any better!

After an exciting day, I like nothing better than to have a sing-along at the piano. Well, in truth, it’s more of a hawlathon from me! Then I cuddle up with my favourite fluffy toy, my devil, and I have a good snooze.






Author: Louisa Benett

Category: Crime & mystery, Fiction

Book Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Clan Destine Press

ISBN: 9781922904379

RRP: $32,99

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