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Article | Sep 2022

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Re: Should you turn down the pages of books?


Oh dear Rowena … I’m a retired university library technician and I abhor and always have disliked turning down pages in books. I used to scold my daughter who is an historian now with her own book published relating to her PhD. I bought her numerous bookmarks but she bends books and turns down pages and shudder, she even has highlighted text books (her own copies) while studying her undergraduate degree. My son was never such a great reader but he uses a bookmark or piece of paper to mark his page. Everyone is so different. I don’t mark library books either to show I’ve read them but I keep a notebook which eventually gets added to a spreadsheet of what I’ve read. I do not like loaning my books to anyone but will donate to my local cafe or charity shop. Once they’ve left my home the can survive on their own.

I do love old vintage books and have a decent collection. A few have lovely inscriptions inside given as gifts and are dated from 19th century. I often wonder what the person was like and if they loved the book as much as I do. My collection of books old and new is extensive and I do not think I will read them all in my lifetime but they’ve always been my best friends growing up as an only child.

My little granddaughter age 3 has just joined her local library and loves reading books. This is so important to me as you’re never alone if you have a book with you. She has a book collection at home and at our house.

Happy reading and I do love your magazine even if my ‘want to read list’ is getting longer every month’. Too many books not enough time!

Yours sincerely

Margaret & Bebe (our 8 year old adopted rough collie who we’ve had just over 2 years)

Dear Rowena

I have hardly ever use a proper bookmark. Mainly because I never seem to have one to hand. I’ve used envelopes, bills, a pen, and even my phone among many other objects.

And yes, when I have none to hand I turn down the corner. No guilt here! Although I have to say that I would never do it to a book I borrowed from the library or a friend. I draw the line there!

Thanks for such an interesting magazine!

Jasmine, Stafford Qld




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