Jennifer Lynn Barnes’ ‘Debutantes’ series

Article | Issue: Feb 2024

Fans of the Inheritance Games will love JENNIFER LYNN BARNES’ ‘The Debutante’ series!


Jennifer Lynn Barnes is the author of the popular ‘Inheritance Games‘ series. The fourth book in this series, The Grandest Game, is out in August. Until the, fans of her work should check out her Debutantes duology which has been released with new covers!


Little White Lies

A six-figure offer. A family mystery to solve. A town of buried secrets.

When Auto mechanic Sawyer Taft’s estranged grandmother offers her a six-figure contract to participate in debutante season, Sawyer’s first instinct is to run a mile. But then she realises her grandmother’s offer might mean solving the biggest mystery of her life – her father’s identity. So she signs on the dotted line and braces herself for a year of makeovers, big dresses and even bigger egos.

However, Sawyer doesn’t expect to find a group of fellow debutantes with scandalous, dangerous secrets of their own and soon it’s clear that the truth about her father is just one of the shocking secrets buried deep in this high-society world . . . And no one wants Sawyer poking her nose into the past.


Deadly Little Scandals

Be careful where you bury your secrets . . .

Reluctant debutante Sawyer Taft joined Southern high society for one reason and one reason alone: to identify and locate her biological father. But the answers Sawyer found during her debutante year only left her with more questions and one potentially life-ruining secret.

When her cousin Lily ropes her into joining a mysterious and elite secret society called the White Gloves, Sawyer soon discovers that someone in the group’s ranks may have the answers she’s looking for. Things are looking up . . . until Sawyer and the White Gloves make a disturbing discovery near the family’s summer home – and uncover a twisted secret, decades in the making.



Jennifer-Lynn-Barnes-authorJennifer Lynn Barnes has written more than a dozen acclaimed young adult novels. Jen is also a Fulbright Scholar with advanced degrees in psychology, psychiatry, and cognitive science. She received her Ph.D. from Yale University in 2012 and is currently a professor of psychology and professional writing at the University of Oklahoma.

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Author: Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Category: Children's, teenage & educational, Fiction

Book Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 9780241684368

RRP: $19.99

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