Skye McKenna on Woodwitch – the sequel to Hedgewitch

Article | Jan 2024

SKYE MCKENNA is the author of the ‘Hedgewitch‘ series. As the second book in the series, Woodwitch, is released, Good Reading for Kids caught up with the author to find out what’s next in store for Cassie Morgan.




Cassie, Rue and Tabitha’s magical training will be put to the test as they venture deeper into the Hedge and race to find the faery treasure before it falls into the hands of the Erl King.

Step into the magical world of Hedgewitch, where the land of Faerie lies just beyond our own . . . The enchanting new series continues.

Cassie has settled into life in Hedgely when, out of the blue, her troubled cousin, Sebastian, comes to stay for Hallowe’en. Sneering and scornful, Sebastian trails after Cassie and her friends, interfering with their coven projects and belittling the dangers of the faery world.

But Cassie, Rue and Tabitha have bigger problems – as the nights grow longer, a dark shadow creeps out of the Hedge and villagers start behaving strangely, possessed with the desire to find a mysterious object.

When the Hedgewitch is called away, the girls decide to investigate and discover that whoever is controlling the villagers is seeking a faery relic: an ancient and dangerous weapon, hidden somewhere in the village. Their magical training will be put to the test as they venture deeper into the Hedge and race to find the faery treasure before it falls into the hands of the Erl King.

Age Guide 9+


Skye McKenna author children'sYour latest book Woodwitch returns to the magical world of Hedgewitch – what can you tell us about this next book in your series?

In Woodwitch, Cassie and her new friends, Rue and Tabitha, must work together as a team. An enchantment has fallen over the villagers, and the Hedgewitch has been called away – leaving the three young witches to solve the mystery of a dangerous faery relic. To protect their home, they venture deeper into the Hedge and face the frightening faery folk that inhabit the darkest depths of the enchanted wood.


Cassie and her friends are witches – what kind of witches are they?

In Cassie’s world, being a witch means protecting people from the dangers of the faery world. It isn’t a power you’re born with, but a skill anyone can learn. Cassie and her friends train in the village coven, earning badges for foraging, brewing potions and crafting amulets.


How did you come up with the magical village of Hedgely?

 I love visiting rural villages in the UK. They’re special places, each with their own character and community. Hedgely is not based on one particular village, but is inspired by many of my favourite places, like Pateley Bridge which has the world’s oldest sweet shop, and Haworth, which has a magical apothecary.


There’s lots of magic in this book – what inspired it?

There are two types of magic in the books: faery magic, which is sometimes called glamour and involves illusions; and witch magic, which comes from a deep understanding of the natural world. Witches collect and study herbs, fungi and stones and learn about the stars. This was inspired by the ‘natural magic’ of the Middle Ages, when people believed that plants, animals, and stones had hidden magical properties. Both the witches and faeries are influenced by British folklore and folk tales.


If you could have one magical power, what would it be? 

If I was in the coven with Cassie, I’d especially like to learn potion brewing and make all sorts of delicious and powerful brews. I’d also love to fly on a broomstick!


What are some of the most important lessons Cassie and her friends learn on their adventure?

In Woodwitch, Cassie meets a grown-up witch called Aoife Early, who has rather different ideas about how to deal with faeries. Through her influence, Cassie and her friends begin to realise they don’t always have to fight the things that frighten them, and that empathy can be just as powerful a tool against evil.

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Skye McKenna grew up in the iron ore mining town of Newman in the Australian outback. Surrounded by the red dust of the Pilbara, she developed a healthy respect for wild things and wild places at a young age.

Longing for adventures of her own, she travelled to the UK and fell in love with the British countryside. Skye now lives in Scotland where she works for a heritage charity.

She recently curated an exhibition about medieval magicians and alchemists. Skye is the author of Hedgewitch, the first book in a magical new series for readers aged 9+

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Author: Skye McKenna

Category: Children's

Book Format: Hardback

Publisher: Welbeck

ISBN: 9781801301091

RRP: $22.99

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