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Article | Issue: Feb 2024

You’ve probably been looking for an escape these past few months, and what better escape than the wonderful world of books! The written word has provided us with countless fantasy lands – some like ours, some not – to dive right into. Take our quiz and see how many you know!


  1. Stephen King author

    Stephen King

    The ‘All-World’ and ‘Mid-World’ belong to which Stephen King series?
  2. ‘Deltora’ is a world created by which Australian fantasy author?
  3. In Terry Pratchett’s ‘Discworld’ series, the world consists of a large disc resting on the back of four what? ‘
  4. The world of Earthsea, created by Ursula Le Guin, first appeared in which short story?
  5. Which series of fantasy books, video games and now a TV series takes place on ‘The Continent’?
  6. Who were the first inhabitants of Westeros from George R R Martin’s ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ series?
  7. John Carter and the fictional world of Barsoom were created by which American author?
  8. H P Lovecraft wrote several works set in a world that can only be accessed by dreams – what was it called?
  9. Two children become friends and create a magical imaginary world together – what was the name of this book by Katherine Paterson?
  10. What is the name of the alien world that appears in many Kurt Vonnegut books?

















1  ‘The Dark Tower’ 

2   Emily Rodda

3   Elephants

4   The World of Unbinding 

5   ‘The Witcher’ 

6    Children of the Forest 

7   Edgar Rice Burroughs

8   Dreamlands

9  Bridge to Terabithia 

10 Tralfamadore









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