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If you travel around the cities and towns of Australia you’ll find some architectural treasures. SANDY WEIR has a passion for architecture. her book, Other People’s Homes, celebrates the eclectic, innovative and utterly enchanting homes of our past from Bondi to Black Rock, from Moorooka to Magill.

Let’s take a sneak peek inside …



Coburg North, Victoria

Oh hello .. that room on the right-hand side where you can see straight through to the fab fern? Swoon …


Goulburn, New South Wales

Goulburn has quite the variety of architectural styles. If you have a thing for Egyptian-looking stuff, then here you go. if you have a thing for coloured glazed polychrome terracotta, then you know this was one of the first buildings in Australia use it. Built between 1933 and 1935, the Elmslea Chambers also has Art Deco sunbursts, cute bird motifs and a lovely soft-pink hue.


Toorak, Victoria

I was actually looking for the Swedish church nearby when a patch of colour burst through the hedge. Boom. Carnival Flats were designed in 1948 by architect John William Rivett, and the building was constructed in 1951. The colourful flat roofed apartment block is of architectural significance to the State of Victoria. It’s very tall. And the while vibe is very flamingo.


Canberra, Australia Capital Territory

Canberra being quite a fenceless place, front yards are very important.

For those of you playing along from another country, that’s a mini version of Australia’s Parliament House, which was designed by Italian architect Ronaldo Giurgola. Urban legend says the occupant of this house worked on the big version.


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Author: Sandy Weir

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Publisher: Affirm Press

ISBN: 9781922992048

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