Damien Lewis’ love for history in Nostalgique

Article | Issue: Nov 2023

DAMIEN LEWIS is a photographic artist who loves history and the wonderful things we no longer use.

In his book Nostalgique he takes us on a journey to discover 50 beautiful photographs of once-everyday objects and their stories. Exploring things from the 1800s to the 1960s, from the elegant to the unusual. Items used by storytellers, singers, shopkeepers, and spies!

Here are some of our favourite objects from his book for you to enjoy.




This gorgeous kitchen blender catches the eye with its bold colours and art deco influenced stepped design. The Blendor-Mix was imported into Australia from the U.S. by Gulbransen in the early 1950s. Despite its age, this blender could easily sit on a modern kitchen bench today and not look out of place.


Nostalgique by Damien Lewis Blendor



Lines Bros Pedal Car

The English company Lines Bros Limited made the Chevrolet model pedal car around 1933. Pedal cars were often modelled after actual vehicles, and it was the small details that made them captivating to children and adults alike. In this case, even adding mini fuel and oil cans on the running board.




This brightly painted machine is a Mutoscope (c1925), and it plays a one-minute moving picture for the price of a penny. You insert the coin into the slot, look into the viewer and wind the handle. The winder turns a drum filled with picture cards and flicks through them to create the illusion of a moving picture.



Printing Press

Harrild & Sons of London manufactured this beautifully ornate Albion hand-operated printing press in 1866. This press has had a long, productive life and printed the Coleraine Albion Western Advertiser in Coleraine, Victoria, from 1868 until 1974. Volunteers still use this magnificent machine today. It can be found in the Examiners Officeat Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village in Warrnambool, Victoria.





Damien Lewis authorI am a photographic artist who loves history and the wonderful things we no longer use. How did I become passionate about photography? It started about 20 years ago while travelling in France with the band Claymore. Just before walking on stage, one of the guys threw a camera to me and said, “See if you can get some good shots”. From that moment, I was captivated by the photographic image. I enrolled in a photography course and joined a local photographic society. I have gone on to win awards up to national level.

I have always had an interest in history. And having the opportunity to travel to many interesting and unique places worldwide, I learned about them up close. As well as discovering new places, I love old devices and inventions. I am fascinated by how they were designed and the craftsmanship involved.

As you can see, my photography reflects my interests, which is where my most ambitious photographic project started. Over a two-year period, I found and photographed 50 oft-forgotten items to bring them back to life. This series of photographs showcases intriguing and sometimes unusual objects from the 1800s to the 1960s. Each with its own story. The series is called “Nostalgique – The Wonderful Things We No Longer Use“. This is also the name of my book which presents all the photographs and provides a little history on each.

I hope you find a sense of warmth and nostalgia in my work, and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I am always happy to help!

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Author: Damien Lewis

Category: Lifestyle, Sport & leisure

Book Format: Hardback

Publisher: Vivid Publishing

ISBN: 9781922788696

RRP: $59.95

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